Northern Life During the Civil War

My name is Brittany Cox and I'm 19 years old. I live In Buffalo, New York. I recently moved In a small apartment with my husband. I'm planning on going down to the south with him to help with anything. He's fighting In the Civil War.

Day 1

As I packed my bags and headed my way to the camp, I got a bit nervous thinking of what I'm going to get myself into. I'm going to be a nurse and cook for the soldiers while I'm down there. I also thought just incase my husband got  severly injured, I'll be there next to him.

I arrived at the camp, soldiers were buiding walls and placing the cannons. I went In the hospital tent to survey, Luckly no one in there was hurt yet. I knew that It was going to be a very hard job but I want to help these brave people and get involved.

Day 2

I woke up and cooked brefast, hoping to see my husband at one of the tables. As I rang the little bell I see a stampede of soldiers. After brefast I went around looking for the man I loved. I kept getting more anxious every way I turned my head not to find him. I looked down the hill, the men were getting In line and practicing for the afternoon to come. I finally found him In the back of the line. I wanted to hug him but I knew he would get into trouble so I waited and kept my eye on him.

Day 3

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