Welcome to Eritrea!
Olivia C

Eritrea is in the north eastern part of Africa. It is bordered by the Red Sea on the northeast and the east sides. It is also bordered by Sudan to the north and west and Ethiopia to the south. Eritrea is also about the size of England and Pennsylvania.

The temperature is usually mild and rarely falls to freezing. Because of the weather conditions I am going to provide you with popular choices of clothing in Eritrea. For the women, a matching dress and shawl. For the men, a Jalabiya which is a long gown. The men also wear a turban.

Now for the food. Chicken with many different spices and vegetables. This is typically what families eat in Eritrea!

I am also going to also give you something to celebrate holidays with. I am going to give you Christmas decorations such as a candle or two. In Eritrea they celebrate Christmas with decorated Christmas trees and candles. In Eritrea they celebrate Christmas on January 7th instead of December 25th.

My miscellaneous item is a coffee mug. In Eritrea they drink coffee and tea many times a day and whenever they have guests. They drink all different kinds of coffee and tea.

In Eritrea, the houses are typically made of stone or brick and have metal roofs and tile floors. Most houses are one story and consist of two bedrooms, a family room, and a courtyard.

In 1885, Italy colonized the region, making some industries by taking away land suitable for farming.

Also in Eritrea, family and good friends visit often and without an invitation. Guests will be served food or asked to stay for the upcoming meal. They will always be served tea or coffee.

A typical family in Eritrea consists of both parents, four or more children, and frequently the grandparents. The man works outside and does all the farm work. The women work inside the house and sometimes even hire a servant to help them.

Also in Eritrea. telephones are used mostly by the government and business offices. The government uses postal service and provides radio and television broadcasts. Eritrea also prints weekly, English, Arabic, and Tigrinya newspapers.

Only a few children in Eritrea will be able to attend school. Those who do, less than one-quarter finishes 6th grade. Classes are available for adults who want to finish elementary school or high school.

Hargot Abbai was a famous politician from Eritrea. Another famous person from Eritrea was Hamid Barole Abdu. He was a famous writer. The first picture below is Hargot Abbai and the second picture is Hamid Barole Abdu.

One thing that you might really like about Eritrea is the food. The food is very delicious. You might also like the clothing because it is very comfortable. The first picture below is some more Eritrea food and the second picture is some more Eritrea clothing.

One thing that you might not like about Eritrea is the education. You will most likely not be able to go to school. In Eritrea girls will get married between the age of 14 and 16. Boys will not be married until their late 20's.

Well, I hope this welcome basket and Tackk helps you a lot!!

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