Anxiety Disorder is a blanket term covering different forms of abnormal anxieties, fears, and phobias.A person with an anxiety disorder suffers from an excessive or irrational fear of everyday situations.

Studies say that 10 percent of Americans have an anxiety disorder, you can treat it with meds or therapy.

You can tell you have this disorder when your little fears turn into bigger ones and the will not go away , they just keep coming back, then it is considered a anxiety disorder.

There are only a couple of treatments for this illness but they are medications and therapy, most people i know go to therapy,but I on the other hand find it more helpful to take a medication that helps relax you,but you need to have it prescribed and know what could happen while taking it. Usually it just relaxes you but you don't wanna get addicted.

If you have this illness you can get help by seeing the doctor first, they will ask you questions and do test to see what you need or if you really have this disorder. If you do they will see if you should have medication , and or therapy, sometimes maybe even both. But if one does not work they usually go to the other.

The best resource to learn about this illness would be Wikipedia or Just your care physician because they can educate you on,not only what it is or

Anxiety Disorder:

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