Krista Reinking

Krista Reinking - Experienced College Academic and Athletic Recruiter

With more than 10 years of experience working at institutions of higher education, Krista Reinking currently serves as a graduate admissions counselor for Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri. In charge of recruiting potential graduate students, Krista Reinking works with faculty in multiple departments to plan outreach strategies aimed at attracting prospective students. Her duties include maintaining contact with potential students before and throughout the admission process, representing Webster at local career and graduate school scouting events, and assessing applicant profiles for admissions eligibility.

Previously, Ms. Reinking served as a senior admissions officer for the DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management in Indianapolis, Indiana, where she worked with approximately 75 potential students each day and provided academic advising and career counseling that helped registered students continue their studies. While a coordinator for the Medical Scholars Program at the University of Illinois, Krista Reinking recruited and evaluated candidates for the program, as well as set up the MD/PhD undergraduate association.

Complementing her work as an admissions officer, Ms. Reinking has held the position of assistant women’s basketball coach for both the University of Illinois and Oregon State University. Throughout her collegiate coaching career, she recruited high school and junior college prospects for NCAA Division I programs, helped guide student athletes in academics and leadership, and managed successful team fundraisers. Currently, she coaches girls basketball within the Ladue School District of St. Louis, Missouri, helping fifth- to 12th-graders develop their skills, build confidence, and learn the principles of teamwork.