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“In the office situation, people look towards the leader for direction, especially in times of uncertainty and crisis,” our expert says. If employees, peers, and subordinates believe you are dependable, they will be willing to take your instruction and advice says our expert. She has matured enough to understand that courage is crucial if he is to embrace challenges and face adversity. Courage is often synonymous with battle, and while being stuck to a desk for a good number of hours doesn’t exactly scream “war,”.

Her abiding faith in hard work and dedication to excellence has enabled her Arizona branch of a renowned retailer exceed sales targets in consecutive years, not to mention become a breeding ground for intelligent employees. That is why you must always maintain a consistent level of professionalism and attentiveness in a work environment. A humble woman, our manager often credits her successes as a retail manager to being “surrounded by a good team.” However, it is undeniable the effect she has on the rest of the team.

For more than 20 years, Kristen Danyal has worked hard to provide for her family as a retail manager, and in the process developed a reputation as an exemplary leader. A good leader can be counted on at all times. She is viewed as a quality leader, something she appreciates from the experiences she’s faced while on the job. Being such a person is a huge responsibility, but it often is placed on the individuals that trust and can be trusted.

Kristen Danyal - Commitment

Kristen Danyal

Commitment is something that is very difficult to come by. A lot of people enjoy their freedom and the idea that they can switch over to something else if the going gets tough. This is true in many aspects of life, but it is especially true when it comes to retail work. Especially on the entry level, it is extremely hard to have a high retention rate in general. This is obviously in no small part due to the level of pay, which is commonly minimum wage. Often minimum wage is not enough money to live on. Therefore, people regularly work two jobs at once. Because of this, it is a regular thing to see burnouts or someone quitting a job or getting fired from a job due to the quality of their work.

Because of such things, it is extremely difficult to come across committed individuals at the lowest levels. In fact, many members of management simply work there to earn money and quickly move on. Many managers are hired from other stores, rather than being promoted from within. This often leads to a high turnover rate fostered by the system. However, sometimes people come and stay. Sometimes it is for years; sometimes it is for decades. Kristen Danyal has been a manager in retail at the same place for over two decades. The most incredible part about this is that she still consistently earns the employee of the month award, where many longtime managers might get lazy and slack off.


There are all sorts of things that can go wrong in the average day that normal workers know nothing about. Generally, if everything is running smoothly and going well, a manager simply handles issues in stride and is able to come up with quick solutions to problems. The average employee in a restaurant does not need to know when the safe is short $100. A manager will deal with that and will ensure that the problem is dealt with. They may speak to the specific employee at fault, but aside from that the rest of the restaurant would have no idea what happened. Similarly if a customer complains about the food or a product, a manager will usually handle that based on store policy in the blink of an eye.

Chemical spills and emergencies also require managers with quick and logical thinking patterns, and a few weeks in management usually tells people whether or not they are cut out for the job. Because of this, many managers are hired to stores and quit only months later. Instead of trying to push through and make it work, they give up and stop trying. Such people cannot handle management, and neither should they try to. In fact, it is quite simple to say that they should probably consider a less stressful position.

Kristen Danyal has worked as a manager for over twenty years in retail, and she can tell you how quickly things can go very bad if a manager does not know what to do.

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