Kristin Breen photography

2015 Portfolio

Someone Special

This picture was taken in a studio at my school. The lighting set up was one backlight and the flash on my camera. I adore this photo because of the great contrast in black and white. Model: Henry Beard

Smiles and Silliness

This photo was taken for a portrait project, and I was originally going to amp up the colors because there was great lighting from the sunset. As I looked at the photo and played around with the colors I actually opted for the black and white because it really brings out her smile. Model: Solei Johnson

Oceans for Eyes

Originally, when I noticed that the iris was out of focus, I wanted to delete this photo. But the longer I looked at it the color of the eye just kept drawing my in, even without the clear focus. This has become one of my favorite photos. Model: Henry Beard

The Real Easter Bunny

We had a family get together on Easter and my cousin volunteered to be my model.

Rain Drops and Highways

Another rainy day calls for another photography adventure.

Spring Scented Happiness

Cloudy days and the beginning of spring are perfect for photographing roses.


I went to the zoo over spring break and took a wonderful photo of this magnificent animal.


This picture was taken the same day as the leopard one at the zoo. It's so awesome to be able to be so close the these kinds of creatures. But, at the same time it's melancholy becUse nothing so beautiful should have to be immured in a cage.

Keep Out

I love to go exploring in our city, so when I come across abandoned churches and buildings they spark the curiosity I always have. This church was actually being used as a shelter for some homeless people when I went to look around.  

A Window To the Past

This was taken in another abandoned house and this window was the only one that was fully intact. I sat and stared out this window for a long time trying to get the feeling of what the house once had while it was still being lived in.

Little Old House

I didn't notice this cutout at first, but once I took a second look, I thought it was the perfect example of situational irony. The house this cut out was in was destroyed by a fire, so walls were falling in every direction, windows shattered, and the floor was in ruins, but this little house in the wall was perfect.

New Life

On top of an old florist shop were these little plants sprouting up everywhere. I like the juxtaposition of how a decaying, filthy building could provide life for something so clean and new.

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