Kristin Gaspar

CFO at Gaspar Physical Therapy

About Kristin Gaspar

In her first-time candidacy, Kristin Gaspar won the 2010 election for City Council Member of the City of Encinitas, located in San Diego County, California. In her role as City Council Member, Mrs. Gaspar aims to maximize her efficiency by utilizing her strong work ethic and time management skills. Throughout her life, Kristin Gaspar has shown a continued dedication to local public and government institutions.

Born in the North County region of San Diego County, Mrs. Gaspar cites her mother, Jannae, as instilling in her the value of hard work. To lay the foundation for her career, Kristin Gaspar attended the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University, graduating in 2002. In that same year, Mrs. Gaspar founded The Coast Cardiovascular Fitness Club, which furnishes fitness programming for seniors; every Tuesday she leads a senior fitness walk at the Swami surf spot.

For more than a decade, Mrs. Gaspar has consistently helped the San Dieguito High School District (SDHSD) achieve fundraising and employment objectives. Mrs. Gaspar serves as President of the San Dieguito Sports Medicine Foundation, the official employer of the trainers in the SDHSD’s Athletic Trainers Program. She has also worked with other members in the community to raise several hundred thousand dollars for SDHSD.

Mrs. Gaspar is a long-time member of the Rotary Club, having once held the position of President of the Encinitas Rotary Club. In that role, she led the club of nearly 90 members to raise $130,000, and helped put the money back into the community within one year. Currently, Mrs. Gaspar serves in a Rotary District leadership position as District Council Chair.

In addition to these activities, Mrs. Gaspar holds a seat on a number of boards, and works as CFO of Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy, a medical practice that evaluates and treats a range of injuries.

My Beach Report Highlights Marine Conservation

A humanitarian and the elected mayor of Encinitas, California, Kristin Gaspar also serves as chief financial officer of Gaspar Doctors of Physical Therapy. Since joining the firm in 2002, she has helped expand the business to include six California locations. She supports various charitable causes and has served as host of My Beach Report, an educational television series produced by the conservation organization Sea Plan.

My Beach Report offers half-hour television episodes and shorter web vignettes on topics related to environmental stewardship. Hosted and produced by youth, the program focuses on issues that impact the world’s oceans. Recent episodes include reports on beach trash, Hawaiian sea turtles, and Hawaiian monk seals on Waikiki Beach. The goal is to increase awareness of the current dangers facing ocean ecosystems.

The program features appearances by educators and authorities such as renowned marine scientists Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. Anthony Andrady. In 2009, became the first provider of video content for the Ocean in Google Earth project, and future My Beach Report segments could reach millions of Google Earth users.

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