Tennessee-based Early Childhood Educator Kristin Ohsfeldt

Kristin Ohsfeldt, a teacher and literacy specialist within the Shelby County School District, has worked to support healthy childhood development for nearly 20 years. In addition to supporting literacy programs for underperforming students, she has worked with students at various skill levels in elementary and kindergarten classrooms. Kristin Ohsfeldt will begin teaching second grade at South Park Elementary School at the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

A longtime resident of Tennessee, Kristin Ohsfeldt remains involved with a number of community organizations, including the CBHS Football Booster Club, Theatre Memphis, and Blues City Animal Rescue. She is presently fostering two puppies for the animal rescue.

Kristin Ohsfeldt received her BS in elementary and early childhood education from Baylor University and her MS from Vanderbilt University. She pursued further postgraduate training at the University of Memphis, where she conducted research regarding TCAP testing changes and teacher job satisfaction.

In addition to her educational and professional background, Kristin Ohsfeldt is a member of the National Education Association and the president of her home owners' association. She is licensed to teach at the elementary and early childhood levels in Texas and Tennessee. Her most recent professional development training includes courses in reading instruction for small groups and whole groups and writing instruction using the claim, evidence, and reasoning technique to support conclusions.