Krizzia Pontrelli 

Lead Assistant at Angels of The Valley Hospice, Medical

About Krizzia Pontrelli

Since October 2006, Krizzia Pontrelli has served as the Lead Assistant to the medical staff of Angels of the Valley Hospice in Montrose, California. During her time with Angels of the Valley Hospice, Krizzia Pontrelli has noticeably improved medical record accuracy and patient care. It is the letters from patients' families expressing their gratitude that keep Krizzia Pontrelli motivated to perform her duties beyond expectations. Krizzia Pontrelli aids in keeping Angels of the Valley Hospice up to date and effective by assisting staff, monitoring patient progress, and preparing and filing medical records for the medical care facility.

Besides ensuring the comfort of her patients at Angels of the Valley Hospice, Krizzia Pontrelli is a fashion designer. Krizzia Pontrelli studied fashion and design at the School of Design in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from September 2004 to June 2006, earning her certification and winning the Modern Fashion Design and Best 3D Design of Arts Awards.

In her free time, Krizzia Pontrelli also enjoys ballet, swimming, practicing yoga, mountain climbing, ceramic and pottery making, jewelry making, drawing, painting, and photography.

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