Top 10 Internet Safety Tips!

Stay Safe Stay Cool

(1.) The first rule of computer safety is you never post anything online like your address,phone number,or any information that they could use to find where you are.

(2.) The second rule is think before you throw out a picture of your self out to the world wide web because you can never get it out.

(3.) It would be a smart idea to set your privacy setting's as high as possible.

(4.) Never give out your passwords cause it can be easily possessed by anybody with the technology.

(5.) Never befriend someone you don't know.

(6.) Never post any inappropriate picture's of you or anybody.

(7.) Never send any rude or hateful comments to anyone.

(8.) Never respond to a rude message.

(9.) Always delete unwanted mail you don't know where it came from.

(10.) Tell your parents if you are scared of something you see online.

My websites that I used are down below.

These rules are important because it shows you how to be safe. It also shows the responsibilities to own a computer. Following these rules will guide you to be safe and well understanding on that being safe online means that anybody can get your information if they have the technology. Being safe online can even influence people to also be safe. Being safe can keep everybody safe even your family. People can also phish out your information so remember to look at the https on the address bar the s means your safe. I hope this will effect you to be safe online. So stay safe stay cool.

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