The great depression

The great depression reached its worst moments during 1932 and 1933. So this means it only lasted for two consecutive years. The great depression was so bad that people started using zippers instead of buttons because they were to expensive. Because the circulation of money was so low, the U.S. didn't mint nickels for the two years. The great depression was a economic crisis that affected many many Americans in the us mainly affecting new yorkers. The stock market/exchange crashed jurasticly resulting in many people losing there jobs and a high demand for higher paying jobs went on.

Colleges of the 1930's

For Eugene, who wants to be a writer, The University of Memphis would be the perfect place for him. Back in the 30s tuition in this university was 100 bucks.

Everything else was less than 30 dollars. The major difference was that back then the technology was not as good as it is today.

Stan's apology letter

Mr. Stroheim, I, stanley jerome, am so sorry. I should have kept to myself. I will never do such a thing. It was none of my business in the first place.

In the future I will be on time, everyday I will do my business and leave. I will be the best employee you got. Lastly I will always show you the respect that you need.

I am truly sorry that I did that. You shouldn't fire me because I'll be my best. I will never in my life do such a thing like I said. I will always keep my cool.

So Mr. Stroheim, please take this letter. I sincerely want to apologize for my previous actions. this will never happen again and you can bet on it!

Broadway show

"Wicked" is a very popular play that is hosted all over the country. It is very famous because it is basically the untold story of 'The Wizard of Oz." The plays first appearance was in June of 2004 and ever since has made millions and millions of dollars. The first tickets were sold at a cost of staggering price of $62 and up. It celebrated its tenth anniversary on Broadway on October 30, 2013, and played over 4,785 performances.

Personal Review.

My opinion on the book was that it was a really good book. I do recommend it to any one who are interested in books. It has a very vivid plot and every thing in the book is well written.

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