Four in One

Our product will be called "the four in one." Our product is a snack size bag with four different kinds of your favorite snack in one bag! Cheetos, BBQ chips, Sun Chips, and Trail Mix all in one. What more could you want?

Our product "the four in one" was created by Brooke, Kyle, and Luis. It is designed to help consumers when making a choice of what to buy out of a vending machine. Often times when you are standing in front of the vending machine you cant decided what you want so you have to buy more than one snack or you don't have the money to buy more than one, with the "four in one" you don't have to make a decision because you get it all in one bag! A little bit of chocolate, cheese, chips, and multi-grain. Our company, All in One, designs snack bag that consist of more than one snack to satisfy all of your cravings! The "Four in One" is our first product to be put on the market thus far.

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