My Journal.

*Hi, my name is Lorelei Ann Schulte.
*The side I select to be on is the   Union.
*I lived in Indiana. July 17, 1863.
* I live with my husband, he serves       in New York.
* This is my map, to where my home is located.

Day #1.
The activities I Attended in the morning were,
1. sewed outfits for soldiers.
2.tour guided.
3.made the uniforms for the soldiers.
4. taught kids about the soldiers and the great things they do for us.

The activities I attended in the in the afternoon were,
1.made dinners for the soldiers.
2.wrote thank you letters.
3.wrote newspaper articles about the soldiers.
4.let the soldiers stay at my home, if needed.

Day #2.
The letter I wrote to my loved one was when he was in the battle of m

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