Spray on clothing for people that have no time to change!

Spritz is spray on clothing for the people that are in a hurry and don't have time to change. It is for both boys and girls. Certain cans come during certain seasons. For instance scarfs and boots come in the fall and winter. Don't worry about ruining the clothing you are already wearing, they magically appear in your hands neatly stacked, after application of the product. All you have to do to apply the product is spray it over the area of clothing you are wishing to change. The can is reusable and can be used more than once. Each can holds 20 of the same outfit, therefore you can wear that outfit 20 times before having to buy another can. I'm sorry but you cannot keep the clothing, it dissolves when you take it off. It is $25 or two for $40. Get it at a local store near or call 1-800-spritz! Buy some now! It is awesome! It is totally worth it!

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