Jasmine's October PE PROJECT

Option #13

I took a Fitness class at the YMCA called the Youth Strength Training not to long ago. If you take the class You will be able to use the adult equipment there. But you have to be 11 years old and older to take it. It is only an hour and thirty minutes and you only have to go for one day. I'm taking it because I won't have to wait untill I'm 14 to use the equipment.

Option #8

My backyard game is called ghost in the graveyard (it is usually more fun at night). How you play is one person counts like 1 o clock 2 o clock 3 o clock rock 4 o clock 5 o clock 6 o'clock  rock and so on until the person says midnight. Then the other people hide and the tagged has to find them. If you find them then hey have to run to the safe spot (I usually use my tree). Then if one of the people get tagged before getting to the safe, then it's there turn to be it


I attended the fuel up to play 60 and it was really fun. There was a a human foosebal court so if you did not go you should go next year.

Option 14

I attended the costume for a Cure dance as a glamor kitty cat with my friend. We danced and ate and it was a blasts!

Option #10

This video is on how to punt a football.

Option #6

this is the visit the park video

Option #9

This video is on how to bunt a volleyball

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