Party Supplies

How to create a spreadsheet-video tutorial:

Use this mini excel tutorial to guide you in entering the data and creating the chart.

Excel Vocabulary Words: Spreadsheets, Cells, Rows, Columns, Labels, Values.


  1. Type your title "Caleb's Party Food Chart" in Cell B1, then Enter.
  2. Add the party food data in Column A cells.
  3. Add the quantities in Column B cells.
  4. Select (highlight) the food labels and number values in columns A and B.
  5. On the Insert menu tab select bar chart, choose 2 D bar.
  6. Double click the chart and then choose "chart layouts" on the ribbon. Choose a chart layout.
  7. Adjust the chart position if necessary.

The completed spreadsheet:

All resources created by Steve Ignacio, producer of the K-5 Computer Lab.