by Emma Montgomery

The real number system

  Dancers use the real number system when trying to understand the timing of the music by counting by eights. Also Dancers use it when cutting music to fit the dance.

This video shows how you can use rotation and parallel lines to do a turn.


   Dancers use things like transformation when doing pirouette, a term in ballet meaning to turn or spin. Also we use mathematical properties such as transformations when having to understand which direction to face 90,180, or 369. Things such as compass turns can be a 90 degree turn which is facing a quarter of the way or doing a turn 180 degrees which ends up with you going half way.

Geometric properties

       Dancers use things such as geometric properties when determaining how high a kick should be 45,90,or 180 degrees.  In jazz,contemporary, or ballet you always are making a specific shape with your arms which follows along the line of geometric properties in dance.

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