All About Amber Huchton

#Tech Club#

Here are a few facts about myself:)

* I was born on 2/2/2003

*I have 3 dogs

*I have a 13 year-old sister

*I am in advanced classes

*I play volleyball and will be starting horseback riding in the fall

*One of my favorite things to do is play on the computer :D

* I have braces :$

* Another one of my favorite sites is Youtube  :)

My Family

The Huchton family is a very unique family, We go on fun trips, we do crazy things, and we always make each other laugh (well most of the time)

This here is my 13 year-old sister. She spends most of her time instagramming and taking  selfies, you know the regular teen stuff. She also is not very nice >:D (well at least most of the time :l)

This is my dog Roscoe (aka George Clooney). He is a Basset Hound mix and was rescued by Basset Buddies Rescue

This is my dog  named Puppy. He is a Maltese/Poodle mix. We got him when we ran into a lady who was trying to rescue a dog on someone's lawn, so when we talked to her and peeked in her car, there was Puppy!

This is my dad, Eric Christopher Huchton. He is a really funny and nice! He also taught me everything I know about Powerpoints and Microsoft!

He works at Texas Children's Hospital as Pedaitric Nurse

This is my cat Mew, well she isn't REALLY my cat...  She is actually our neighbor's cat! Mew comes to our porch often and we give her cat food, love, and nothing else really :3

This here is my wonderful mom, Monica Leigh Huchton,  who is really funny and is always ready to help out anyone in need.

She works at Texas Children's Hospital and is a Neonatal nurse.

My Favorites:)

Favorite Animal:cat :3

Favorite song: Just Keep Breathing

Favorite Movie: Up

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Subject: Science

Favorite game : Mine craft

Obsession: my laptop

More about me :3

If any of you are wondering I'm a Christian!! I also go to a Christian camp called Camp Cho-Yeh. Besides bible study, We have other fun activities like, horsebackriding, swimming, paintball, gaga ball, and arts & crafts.


My friends mean a lot to me. I have known these awesome girl for years, maybe you recognize a few of them!

This is Anna and Kaili they are both really funny and nice!

These other 2 friends name's are Jamie and Lauren. Jamie has been my friend since kindergarten. Lauren is my neighbor and we have been friends ever since we were toddlers.

This is my friend Megan, she is one of the most crazy and fun people I have ever known.

This is my favorite song's music video on youtube by We The Kings.

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