Mary Queen of Scots

Birth Date: Dec. 8, 1542           Death Date: Feb. 8, 1587

She was born in Linilithgow, Scotland and died in Northampton, England. Mary died at age 44. She lived throughout Scotland and France. The queen was pale, 6ft. tall, auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a heart shaped face.

Mary lived in France and received excellent education learning( French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Latin and Scots) as well as music, needlework and poetry. Went from Queen of Scotland as an infant to Queen Consort of France.

Mary was apart of a monarchy family.

Former Spouses: Francis II of France and Henry Stuart/ Lord Domley   Parents: Mary of Guise and James V of Scotland   Grandparents: Margaret Tudor and James IV of Scotland

Mary's husband James Hepburn/ 4th Earl of Bothwell

Mary's brother James Stuart/ 1st Earl of Moray

Her son James IV and I

Mary was a strong and independent woman. She was executed by beheading. This was because she was caught sending letters to try and murder her cousin Queen Elizabeth. Walsingham decoded the letters and then showed them to Elizabeth. Elizabeth then struggled and hesitated in the order of execution. The first blow missed but the second struck her dead. Mary died that evening of February 7 at Fotheringhay.

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