Chemical Bonds

A mutual attraction between the nuclei and valence electrons of different atoms that Bond the atoms together.

Ionic Bonds

Bonds that form from a metal and a non-metal through a large number of cations and anions

Occurs when valence electrons are transferred between atoms.

Ex: Calcium and Florine

Properties:  Granular or powdery appearance, dissolve, high melting point, conductive only when melted or dissolved.

Covalent Bond

Form between non-metal and non-metal, these atoms share their electrons equally .

Occurs when electrons are shared between atoms

Ex: Sucrose

Properties: Granular or powdery appearance, sometimes dissolve and sometimes it doesn't, low melting point, no du ductility.

Metallic Bond

Form between a metal and a metal. Weak bond.

Occurs when electrons are shared freely between metals.

Ex: Mercury

Properties: shiny appearance, doesn't dissolve, high melting point, conduct as a solid and liquid.

Ionic Bond

Covalent Bond

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