6meh.l.l The decision-making model.8

Step1 State the situation: #3 You have a huge incomplete project due Monday, and your cousin just asked you to go camping all weekend.

Step2 List the options:  you could go camping, you could work on your project, or you could ask your parents what you should do.

Step3 Weigh the possible outcomes:If you don't go your cousin might get angry, if you explain to your cousin why you can't go she might understand,or if you go camping you would probably get a bad grade.

Step4 Consider values:One of my values is education so I should work on my project.

Step5 Make a decision and act it: I explained to my cousin I couldn't go because of a school project and she understood.

Step6 Evaluate the decision: I think the decision I made was a good decision because my cousin understood and I got a good grade.

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