Kaitlin & Anaya

Session 1 : Defined the word CADD, explored careers related to drafting and design, worked with the alphabet of lines, and created a pattern for a model soapbox racer.

Session 2

Session 2: Continued working with the alphabet of lines, Explored procedures for dimensioning a drawing, used CADD software.

session 3

Session 3: Measured the dimensions of geometric solids. Created, dimensioned, and printed multiview drawing of geometric solid using CADD software.

session 4

In session 4 we continued  working with the alphabet of lines, learned about cutting-plane lines and section lines used CAD software cutaway drawnig

session 5

In session 5,we started to use the software for building our house.Our house had a living room, a den , 2 bedroom a dining room ,bathroom and a kitchen.

session 6

In session 6 ,we added the electric and fans,in stuff in the house.

session 7

In session 7 we took our post test about the alphabet of line and stuff, and we finied our house we added the stairs and we fixed the outside of the house.