Digital Classroom Procedures

Mr. Smithey - Clear Lake Intermediate - Room 214

Thank you guys for being students in my class this year. We intend to learn through a variety of methods including digital applications intended to enhance your learning. Today we will be covering some of the details about how my classroom will run digitally and your role within it.

We will use our devices phones, tablets, etc. in all of the classes I teach this year. They are to be used only when I say so. You are not allowed to use your phone between class, before class starts, or for apps and programs that I do not allow.

Coming September 17th, 2014 for all 8th grade students...

All 8th grade students will be receiving Dell Venue tablets on September 17th. Just like the devices used in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), students are only allowed to use them when I say so.

Edmodo will be at the center of your educational universe while you are in my classroom. Classroom updates, due assignments, alerts, extra credit opportunities, digital video, and more will be posted regularly. You will need to download the app for your device and your tablet. Posts will remain appropriate or the privilege will be removed.

Edmodo will be at the center of your educational universe in my classroom.

Edmodo allows you communicate with the class and me as your teacher. It also allows a central place to access all of the digital tools that we will be using this year. Lets's talk briefly about a few of these.

Quizlet will represent a fun and convenient way to review and play games with chapter vocabulary... It will not take the place of hard work but will allow us to better focus our learning efforts...

We will spend much of our time in class examing primary source documents... Curriculet and Subtext will be a great tool for this.

At different times videos will be assigned.  When you watch videos using eduCanon you should be informed that the purpose of the video is to be informative and you can expect that your video will pause frequently to ask important questions related to the material being presented.

At other times you will listen to audio recording that I have created using audioBoo. Sometimes audioBoo may used for directions so that I am not having to repeat myself. At other times it will be utilized as a way for me to clarify difficulties found within the material.

Geddit is an easy app to use. To quote the Gecko on the Geico commercial, it is so easy that you just need to "Forgetaboutit".

Blendspace will be a place where I will link class materials both mandatory and optional. Be sure and look for future directions on edmodo.