The Story

Dale watching Messi (#10) and Neymar Jr (#11) celebrate one of the goals against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final.

Dale a 15 year old Barcelona fans enjoys the game more than anyone else at his age. A true and passionate fan who idolizes Argentinian Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr. He has his own jersey from the 2013-14 season, on the back Lionel's last name is printed. His best friend Ruben is also a huge Barcelona fan, he carries Neymar Jr's name on the back of his jersey. Both eagerly watched and planned every game when Fox Sports had one schedule or live. After each game, win or loss they would both take Dale's soccer ball he have had for over 4 years. A red adidas ball, all scratched out and old looking. It smelled awful, but was still in great shape when it bounced. A ball that had been taken care of greatly.

Finally it was time, L.A Galaxy was hosting a game and it was against Barcelona in Los Angeles.

Ruben and Dale bought tickets to see the game, front row!. Well L.A was a little too far from where Dale and Ruben lived, but they always found a way to pop the bubble and get someone older to go with them. It was going to be great and they even had backstage passes to meet the players. Meeting your idol you never know what your going to say. You could stand there speechless, shake their hand, or might just puke on them because of the excitement and adrenaline flowing through the veins.

Man's biggest enemy on the road besides a cell phone.

Well the day had come, Dale and Ruben got on Carlos's BMW. Quite an elite car for those who take racing to the extreme. On their way Ruben asked Carlos if he could please turn on the radio and so he did, but Ruben never gave a specific station so Carlos chose his own. 99.9 the mexican radio station, Carlos was jamming to Los Tigres del Norte's best hits when Ruben poked him on the shoulder and asked "Can you please change the station to 100.1. Carlos agreed, but only after his song was over. Ruben got mad and started to push all of the buttons on the car, Carlos tried stopping him when all you heard was "Deeeeeeeeer" coming from the passenger seat. Well they didn't see the deer until they hit it and went on the ditch. They were going to be late unless they could get the car our of there and hoped everything worked.

Accidents and tragedies could only mean one thing, COPS. Well Carlos had to call the cops to report the accident and the look on his face was like the one you make when you spill chocolate milk on your most expensive pair of jeans. Cops arrived and gathered all the information. They got the car out of the ditch and there was still time to make the second half. Ruben apologized to Carlos and told him he just wanted some pump up music to get his blood flow ready for the game.

The game was great at L.A Galaxy's Stadium, Barcelona successfully picked up a win on a friendly game between the two.

Apology accepted and there was not much to say after they arrived. "Enjoy the game", Carlos told Ruben and Dale. Dale got to meet Lionel Messi and goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen and got an autograph from both of them. Ruben took a few selfies with Barcelona's defenders Gerard Pique and Jordy Alba. It was quite an exciting night and the boys will never forget it. They thanked Carlos by attempting to bake a cake for him. It was great and muy delicioso. Well that was "The Story".

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