Oneida Nation

The People of the Standing Stone.

Past History

The Oneida Nation tribe originally lived in the New York State.

Present History

They live in Wisconsin and Ontario,Canada.


They ate corn,beans,squash,berries,herbs,deer,elk,fish,corn bread,soups and stews.


Men wore breech cloths with leggings.women wore wrap around skirts and shorter leggings.


They lived in long houses they where made of wood framing covered with sheets of elm bark most long houses where 100 feet long.


They used bows,arrows,spears,fishing poles,clubs,Shields,stone adzes,hand axe,flint knifes,and wooden hoes.


Children played with corn tusk dolls and cradles.

A game they played was lacrosse.

Interesting facts

Women roles:farming,property,and family. Men roles:Hunting,trading,and war.

Traveling:elm bark canoes,dogs and careges,and laced snow shoes.

Arts and crafts:mask carving,bead work,and porkien work.


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