Native American tribes

     Native  Americans  ate buffalo, grew rice, fished for seafood  and  fish.  They hunted for buffalo, deer, and bear. The tribes were Catawba, Tuscarora, Chowanoc, and Waxhaw.

     The first tribe is the Catawba. The largest tribe in North Carolina's Piedmont was the Catawba. The Catawba originally came from the west were the buffalo roam. Thier women were experts at making pottery.

    The next tribe is the Tuscarora. The Tuscarora tribe was centered in the state. They were enemies of the Catawba tribe and the white people.

     Next is the Chowanoc tribe.The words Chowanoc, Chowanoke, and Chowan are all different names for the same tribe. The Chowan tribe was strong and well known when the Europeans came to North Carolina.

     The last tribe is the Waxhaw tribe. The people of the Waxhaw tribe were bigger than normal folks. When the Europeans came to North Carolina, they found that out the hard way. They believed that added weight on a children's heads makes their eyes grow farther apart. They believed that children can see animals at a greater distance during a hunt.

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