Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards is a entrepreneur who started is TV channel/Company Called SB.TV (SmokeyBarz) on youtube on 2 November 2006.


Jamal Edwards son of the x-factor contestant series 2 Brenda Edwards. He is the sole founder for SB.TV or SmokeyBarz. Initially he started recording freestyle raps on a camcorder and uploading on to his youtube channel SB.TV, soon a lot of people were sending him videos that he would post on his channel racking in a lot of attention people like Dizzie Rascal, Wiley, Tinchy stryder and Chipmunk were all aired on SB.TV first on got there first big break.   

SB.TV is now a big company in the UK grime scene finding new young artists and airing new music, the founder Jamal Edwards 22 years old has created this whole Company from a single youtube channel and now this T.V channel is worth £6m.

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