What will our transportation look like in the future?

Railroads were the first quick way to get from place to place. Before railroads people used horses or even walked. Railroads were a big improvement in the transportation system.

The Model T Ford was the first car ever invented.

Railroads improved greatly over time, but when the first car was invented it was a better and newer sense of transportation. The first car wasn't very fast, but it got you where you needed to be without having to pay every time you needed to go somewhere. The Model T Ford was created by Henry Ford. Back when the Model T was first created, it wasn't very expensive. Now, they are very expensive due to the value the model holds.

Improvement of Model T Ford
Greatly improved Model T Ford

The Model T Ford improved greatly over the years. It got much more expensive as it improved and not everyone could afford it the Model.

Transportation has improved greatly since the Model T Ford. They are faster, safer, and have better appearances. Some people prefer to buy old school cars such as the Model T but our cars of the future are only a mystery.

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