Absolute Value Day 3
Solving Equations & Inequalities


There are five questions on the board. Log in to Google Classroom and answer the five questions on the Warm-Up form (Remember to look in "About")


Solving Equations

Watch the slide show.  Pause on the yellow screens.  Do the work in your math notebook.  Be ready to share your work with your classmates!


Before starting on part 2 of our lesson, take a few moments to show and share how to solve absolute value equations!


Solving Inequalities

Consider the meaning of the following examples.

What do you notice?

What do you wonder?


So let's watch 3 video examples!

Listen, Watch, Question, Make Notes!

Your Thoughts?

What are the steps or procedure for solving absolute value inequalities?

Number your steps.

Then test your steps to see if they work on the next 4 problems!

The answers are scrambled; can you match them?



Read and Review

Use the next website to read and

review the steps for solving absolute value inequalities.  

Scroll down the page to find interactive problems.


Time to Practice

Solve these 8 problems in your notebook.


What part of this lesson is particularly easy for you?  Why?

What part of the lesson is more challenging?

What will you do to help you remember the details in solving absolute value equations and inequalities?


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