Scenario 4:

8MEH.2.2 The Decision-Making Model

Scenario 2:

Step 1: Marie is in the eighth grade at East Middle School. She earns above average grades in all of her school courses except science. Her favorite after-school activity is playing basketball. She would like to play basketball in high school next year. However, the high school says that athletes must pass all their classes in order to participate in a sport. This summer Marie can participate in a special summer science school that will help her in science. She also has been given the chance to go to basketball camp. The basketball camp takes place the except time as the science school. Marie has two weeks before she either has to sign up for basketball camp or summer science school. What should she do?

Step 2: Marie could go to basketball camp to train for High School basketball and may not get on the team or go to science camp to improve her grade and be able to try out for basketball.

Step 3: If Marie goes to basketball camp instead of science camp then she won't be able to try out and make it on the basketball team because her science grade would be too low. If Marie goes to science camp then she can improve her grade and try out for the team and possibly make the team.

Step 4: I believe her grades are more important than a basketball camp. She could possibly find another basketball camp but she should focus on getting her grade up.

Step 5: Marie should go to science camp and improve her science grade so she is eligible to participate in high school activities and sports such as basketball.

Step 6: This is the better decision because she would be wasting her time at a basketball camp because it all depends on her grade. If her grade was too low then the basketball camp is a waste. She could still be able to make it on the team if she goes to science camp.

Step 1: You are an eighth grade student. Since seventh grade you have been on the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad. You recently tried out for the Varsity team next year. You were notified that you made the team. The cheerleading sponsor informs you that you can no longer be in band if you are cheering on Varsity football nights, since the band marches during half time at the football games. You have been in band since fifth grade and have really enjoyed being in the band and going on band trips. Next year the band is going to Disney World. What do you do?

Step 2: You could be Junior Varsity Cheerleader and have to quit band or you could continue to be in band and quit the varsity team.

Step 3: If you continue to do the Junior Varsity Cheerleading then you won't get to still be in band even though you really enjoy it. If you continue to be in band and you quit the Varsity Cheerleading team then you would still be in band and you seem to enjoy band more than the Cheerleading.

Step 4: I am in band myself and if I had to choose between the two, I would choose to stay in band because being in band is good to put on a college application. I really enjoy  band as you can do band longer than a sport

Step 5: She should stay in band, because you can play an instrument longer plus you don't have to try out and worry about being able to make it. You get to learn new songs.

Step 6: She needs to stay in band, because you can play an instrument longer plus you don't have to try out and worry about being able to make it. You get to learn new songs. You could always try out for a new cheerleading team where you don't have to quit band.

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