Always believe in yourself, hard work will pay off

Ally Flack

Don't give up

I believe in the statement “Always believe in yourself, hard work pays off”

the importance of teamwork,

the result of hard work ,

the memories should be never forgotten ,

the power of a hand making contact to a volleyball ,

power of a words, the importance of memories, the importance of hard work,

But I don’t believe in giving up.

I believe in always following your dreams,

I believe in the trust in friendship can be the most important,

I believe in never losing hope,

always believing in yourself, telling the truth, hard work does pay off,

And I believe in_to live life how you want not how somebody wants you to live it.

My Credo Essay

              My credo in life is “Always believe in yourself, the hard work will pay off”. I see this quote in two different ways, I use it when I play volleyball and also in everyday life. Believing in yourself is something I believe you always need to have in mind, because even when things get hard just believe. In volleyball this helps me when I don’t think I can hit any harder or serve any better, just work it will pay off.

           This belief began taking a bigger part in my life when I started playing sports. I used to always think I wouldn’t get any better because things would become hard. It took awhile for me to learn that if I believe and put in the hard work it will eventually pay off. When I started playing volleyball I defiantly wasn’t the best and it took awhile for me to improve but I never gave up and now I’m a starter for our JV volleyball team, when I used to never see the court.

           These beliefs mean a lot to me because I have experienced the lesson of this quote several times. In sports and in life. I always stick to these beliefs because if I wouldn’t have I wouldn’t be the person and player I am today. I wouldn’t be hitting as hard as I do on the court.

          I don’t think this credo will change. I think I’ll always believe in this although I might develop newer ones. This credo in my opinion could last my whole lifetime. I see it evolving in me everyday as I learn in class and on the volleyball court. I might get down sometimes or not believe that we can win a match if we are down by a certain number of points, but no matter how hard it is I always manage to keep this quote in the back of my head. It’ll make me a stronger person as I grow up into the person I wish to become.

         This credo is very significant to me because it has impacted me so much. Since it has helped me in life in many positive ways, it makes me want to encourage others to follow by it as well. Nobody needs to be so down on themselves that they just give up. It would be very beneficial because it teaches a great lesson that I have also learned myself.

By:Ally Flack

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