UTA Reflection

Selena Alvarado

When we arrived to UTA I was happy and I thought it was going to be the best day ever.Once we got settled down and all the other schools got settled down the presentation started.First we watched a video and some UTA people introduced themselves.Second everyone started asking questions about UTA and the apartments.Then my favorite part of the whole trip was when the science show started.It was the best thing ever because they were showing different science experiments like whenever they made toothpaste,they put I think 4 balloons in a little black bowl or bucket,and they did some other really cool things.It was very interesting.                                                                                                                                     The part of the day I hated most was waiting so long to eat lunch.It was so horrible I was starving to death!My stomach wouldn't stop growling.                              For next year's tour to UTA make sure it isn't raining because then they won't be able to walk around UTA

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