Hi My Name Is Connor

I'm a Skateboarder in the United States Of America. I play Video Games on Xbox One, i enjoy playing Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare, GTA 5, and Dying Light. I LOVE LOOTCRATE!!!! I enjoy Five Nights At Freddys, and Horror related titles.Jesus Christ is our lord and savior. My favorite drink is Monster Energy. One Day I want to be in Optic Gaming.

My Top 10 is:

1. Optic Gaming

2. Video Games

3. Xbox

4. Skateboarding

5. Animal Crossing

6. Jesus Christ

7. Youtube

8. Paintball

9. Monster Energy Drink

10. Redbull Energy Drink

This is the MLG Team I want to be on in the future.

This was my first board i ever snapped trying to perform a backside 180 onto a rail.

This is what my controller looks like on the one2⃣0⃣1⃣3⃣

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