Caring Classroom

Jennifer Ponce

Positive Realtionship

Teachers should make sure they communicate with their students. For example, A high school teacher should ask what's wrong when they see a student upset. Another example can be when an elementary student seems upset , give them a hug.

Teachers must not only expect respect from students, but show respect, as well. For example, when a high school student talks back to a teacher , a teachers' first response shouldn't be getting on their level and talk louder because that's only going to make the  situation even worse.

Student Involvement

Student feedback can be valuable. Students may come up with workable solutions for class problems. For example, middle school students don't want to be treated like little kids but don't want to do high school level work so, they come up with activities they feel comfortable with. Also, just ask students to join activities. They might have amazing ideas for it.

Class Identity

A sense of community all depends on the students seeing themselves as a group. Just to make sure students work together as a group. Also teachers should just motivate students to do better. Put  a lot of routines and traditions. Students will feel like they're in a great class.

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