8.2 Reflections

MaryAnn Hawks


Leonardo would ask me to practice my penmanship, because, as you can see, it is horrible.  He would also tell me to practice e's and a's.  I know a lot of left-handed people and I've always noticed how difficult it is for them to right.  They all have different methods, like turning their paper upside down.  I think that writing in mirrored image was da Vinci's way of making writing easier and standing out in a way.  90% of humans are right-handed, so they expect everyone to right from left to right.  They never took into consideration though, how that would be for the other 10%.  If we find it easier to write left to right because we are right-handed, it would only make sense that it is the exact opposite for those who write with the opposite hand.   Da Vinci understood individuality and practiced it to it's fullest extent, so much so, that he didn't even write the way he was expected to, only the way that best suited him.


A.  Front Facing Cameras (as observed in the picture taking of our handwriting)

B.  Classwork

C.  Homework

When you take a picture with a front facing camera, it reflects the picture.

Above is a problem from one of my 8.2 lesson checks, where the preimage AJG is reflected over the y axis to form the image A'J'G'.

Above is a problem from my homework where the rectangle WXYZ is reflected across an axis to form the square X'XY'Y.

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