UTA Reflection

Stephanie Gonzalez

             My first thought when we arrived at UTA campus was "Wow this place is huge!" The part I enjoyed most was when they did those science experiments.Now that by far was amazing! The part I least enjoyed  was when we had just got there and didn't know where to go.The reason I enjoyed the experiments so  much was because I found it  cool how they could do those experiments in collage. I thought to myself  "Wow, that must be cool to be in a lab an to do all these experiments while learning." Also because it entertained me and all the other avid kids. It was also so cool to see how all that equipment worked the way it did. I least enjoyed the beginning because we didn't know where to go or anything also because I wanted to take a tour of UTA campus. My suggestion  that I can make for next years tour is that hopefully to sit in the chairs. I would definitely consider applying for UTA if I wanted to stay close to home.   But, in not sure because I don't think I  want to stay close to home for collage. But honestly I personally enjoyed the UTA field trip. I liked the way they had collage students talk to us and explain the reason why they choose their major and how they did.  Also how collage is. After today's  

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