Keeping up with History

Created by  Eliana, Kate, Nicholas and Victoria

Keeping up with History is a reality show hosted by Kate Kasko. The show is hosted every Friday at seven o'clock  p.m at Staten Island, where Vanderbilt was born.  A famous and well known person will  make an appearance in the show and will be interviewed on several topics regarding to their history and how they changed the nation. This weeks interview was on Cornelius Vanderbilt, A famous captain of industry.  He was born on Staten Island and became the greatest employer in America for his ferry business and eventually, his successful railroad industry.

Our Show Location

This is where the show is recorded, as well as where Cornelius Vanderbilt grew up.

Show Members

Eliana: Worker/ Thomas Gibbins

Kate: Interviewer/ Host

Nicholas: Cornelius Vanderbilt

Victoria: Worker Being Interviewed

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