Japanese Dynasties

Yamato Clan and Heian Period

Yamato Clan

This clan was located on the island of Honshu. The chiefs of Honshu were not the emperors but they started to call themselves emperors. All of the emperors started to call themselves divine. Even today they still say they descended from the Yamato Clan. Over time other powers overpowered this clan but instead of destroying it they just controlled the leaders.

Yamato Clan Ruler "Jimmu"

Heian Period

In 794 the emperor of Japan moved the capitol to Heian. Many of the rich nobles moved to Heian as a result. They founded the city on  elegance and stylish. They had a very nice city. They also loved strolling through their lovely gardens and flowery courtyards. Many of the nobles called themselves the people among the clouds.

Heian Period Ruler