Obesity And Sleep Apnea

authors: Alan R. Schwartz, Susheel P. putil, AlisonM.laffan, Vsevolod polotsky, Hartmut schneder, Philip l. smith.
DATE: 2,2008

interesting facts

1) obstructive sleep apnea is common disorder whose prevalence is linked to an epidemic of obesity in western society.

2) obesity and paticularly central adiposity are potent risk factors for sleep apnea.

3) a vatiety of behavioral, pharmacologic and surgical approches to weight loss may be of benefit to patients with sleep apnea.

4) examining responses to specific weight loss strategies will provide critical insight into mechanisms linking obesity and sleep apnea.

5) sleep apnea is due to recurrent episodes of upper airway obstruction during sleep that are caused by elevations in the upper airway collapsibility.

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