My Thought About Meditation

Emily Brogan Core 2

What We did during meditation.

During meditation we first found a comfortably spot, and then we learn how to breathe. Finally we started meditating. After starting meditating we did rested on the ground and imaged a beach then there was a door when your go through it was wood and there was path. When there cross in the path and I saw my animal friend. I went to a my garden and planted good things then I went the the lake and throw away the thing I hate. The last thing we did was a meditation that made us fall asleep it was very relaxing.

When I heard about it I was exiting. During the meditation that this was going to help me through my troubles.I would try meditation again because it works. Also it makes me very clam and relaxes. And it helps me sleep at night.


1. Meditation- A relaxing and calming thing to do.

2. Mantra- A word to help you during meditate.

3. Deep Breathing- Helps you concentrate and not think of other words.

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