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What is tissue?

a cellular organizational level intermediate between cells and a complete organism.

What are the four types?






Connective: Connective tissue helps support the body's organs.

Epithelial: This tissue is specialized to form the covering of all internal and external body surfaces.

Muscular: has a ability to relax and to bring about movement and mechanical work in various parts of the body.

Nervous: specialised to react to stimuli and to give impulses to various organs in the body which bring about a response to the stimulus. They are very sensitie.


Epithelium is classified as simple and stratified epithelium.

Connective is clarified as extra cellular matrix and is in bone, cartilage, and blood.

Muscular is classified in skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle tissue.

Nervous is classified as supporting cells.

Classifications of Epithelia

Where can they be found?

Epithelial tissue can be found in the lungs and the mouth. Connective can be found in bones and their cartilage. Muscle tissue can be found almost anywhere in the body. Finally, nervous tissue is mostly found in a thin layer of skin.

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