What happens when you combine Alka Seltzer and Water?


E=Ender Y=YouLi L=LuiJohnny

E:Now I will prove the Law of Conservation of Mass is right:
Y:Alka seltzer is NaHCO3+H3C6H5O7, the water is H2O.
L:The NaHCO3+H3C6H5O7 change to 3NaHCO3+H3C6H5O7. The this formula can take chemical reaction into 3CO2+3H2O+Na3C6H5O7.
E:This chemical reaction is right because both have 3 Na, 11 H, 9 C, 16 O.
L:Then we can use this formula: 3CO2+3H2O+Na3C6H5O7 add water-H2O, and the solution is 3CO2+4H2O+Na3C6H5O7.
3CO2+3H2O+Na3C6H5O7 + H2O = 3CO2+4H2O+Na3C6H5O7
L:Reactants: 3 Na, 12 H, 9 C, 16 O.
Y:Yield: 3 Na, 12 H, 9 C, 16 O.

E:So the mass is conservation on this chemical reaction.

This graph shows that when Alka Seltzer is added to water the temperature decreases very slowly. It starts out at 21.6 degrees C, and ends at 20.4 degrees C.


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