to Mrs. Feeney's 10th Grade English Class

There are some new apps our students are using!

Stay up to date with what your child is learning in our classroom

We have gladly welcomed the use of three new apps that will help you keep up with your student's work and assignments in class. Goodreads, Storybird, & 2EPUB



This site is available as an app so you can access it from your phone or computer.  Students use this in the classroom to help in the process of selecting novels to read for their reading logs.  You can use this site at home to help make suggestions of books to your student and to help encourage them in the reading process.   



Storybird is used in the classroom for students to complete writing assignments in a way that incorporates creativity and autonomy.  Students will be asked to use this site in class as well as at home. Students create their own publication and illustrations to represent their unique and original ideas.


Students publish their completed written works into a class ebook.  This ebook can be assessed at anytime by you at home or while they are at school.  You can keep up with your students accomplished work through this site and use it to increase their confidence in their writing abilities.   

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