How to Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity Unit

Before buying your unit you may have decided on a particular design however, different designs suit certain types of bathrooms. A major factor is the size, if you have a small bathroom then a modern contemporary look would be more suitable as it would accentuate the lack space with a minimalist look and the use of mirrors and plenty of glass. There are many contemporary vanity units for bathrooms available in many colors including stylish finishes like stainless steel or marble effects that help maximize the refection of light in small spaces.

How To Choose the Right vanities?

Many people prefer a more traditional design such as a period look like Victorian or Art Deco that uses a lot of contrasting colors like black, blue and white. Again, there is a huge range of cabinets to suit the more traditional tastes and budgets such as the white marble or the oak wood bathroom sink and vanity unit that would be perfect for that authentic Victorian period feel. Also,you must not forget that the cabinet unit has a practical as well as a cosmetic purpose.

When choosing your sink cabinet think about the storage space and how many shelves you will need to store the shampoo and soap. Once you have decided on the style you want the next thing to consider is the material of your unit. Again, there is a huge choice of materials to choose from with, the most popular being wood and marble however, recently metal surfaces such as stainless steel and chrome plated are starting to catch on.

If space is limited then bathroom corner vanities are definitely as good choice as they do not take up too much space as unit that is placed in the middle of the wall. There is larger range of these available as they are becoming more popular for living in tight spaces such as apartments.

The material will should match or contrast with the overall color theme of your design including, the bath, floor mats, tiles and accessories. Dark wood is perfect for the modern look when matching it with contrasting colors like silver or chrome plate. However, you should consider how well the material will hold up to being exposed to water.

The natural pine looks great in a small tradition styled bathroom however, pine will not be as durable as the laminated wood, metal or synthetic materials. Last but not least is the finishing of the surfaces and counter tops. For the contemporary look, dark marble contrast against chrome plated faucets is a great look, or a light natural oak surface contrasting with a deep white ceramic Victorian basin sets off that classical look.

At the end of the day, it is all down to personal choice however, taking the time to choose design, and matching the appropriate materials and colors bathroom vanity units can really make an amazing difference to the look and feel of your bath room.

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