Let's talk about principles...

I mean Principles of Design and Elements of design.

Fish chasing a laser point.

The cat shown above is laying down, showing off it's horizontal skills.

The infamous cat arch [above] shows the curve in the spine.

This cat, Lola, was born without the use of her hind legs. So she learned to walk in a vertical way with her front paws.

Here you can clearly see diagonal lines on Mount Fuji.

The unicorn has a fluffy texture.

The efficient shape of this plant distribute the girl's weight so she can sit on it.

In the Stonehenge, there may or may not be any significant meaning to the spaces between the stone.

Michelangelo's sculpture, David, poses so you can see value.

This drawing (which can also can be found in Mrs. Mayor's room) depicts form.

A painting by Leonid Afremov, shows off mostly blue hues.

Here is a highly saturated rose.

The cold color temperature here helps imply the grim and hopeless mood.

A graphic prism splits white light into a visual rainbow.

The radius of this daisy is symmetrical.

This drop of water has volume.

I promise this patten isn't moving. It's you, not me ;D

There is not a lot of emphasis on the background is there?

Fee-fi-fo-fum! Ooh la la. I do like this porportional tower. I'm going to keep this as my centerpiece.

Here's a wedding in the 1950s. Notice their center of gravity is on their feet.

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