Alex smith


BY Payton Cole


Hey do you like football. Well if you do you should read this tackk because it talks about a famous football player named Alex smith. And if you read this tack you will learn about whom he used to play for and what his position is and lots more.


There are many things to know about Alex smith. But this tack will tell u about who he used to play for and who he plays for now. And what position he plays for his new team and his career.

Used to play for 49ers

Used to play for 49ers- started playing for them in 1960 got traded to chiefs in 2013 .And he was the quarter back at the time for the 49ers and he was a great player. And friend to his teammates and he had good sportsmanship.

Plays for chiefs now

He got traded to the chiefs for Matt cassel in 2013 .Used to play for San Francisco and is now the quarter back for the chiefs and won all of his games so far . And he is really good and so far he has done good.

His position

He is the quarterback and he earned that by his dedication to the game. And his good sportsmanship and his amazing accuracy. And his running throwing and agility and he is always positive also he gives his best in the game.

Career stats

He has made 0 none touchdowns and he’s made 0 field goals cause he is not a kicker in his career and has 0 rushed yards cause he is not a runner and made 2,463 throws and . And he has made 1459 pass completions in his career.


Alex smith is a amazing player and he has only played for a couple of teams and he his really good and a great quarter back and a amazing player career and I beet when you are done with this tack you will like football a little more


Good sports man ship- means you do get mad if you lose

Accuracy-means how good you are throwing stuff and you hit the stuff your going for dedication-means hoe you much you love to do that thing

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