Dear family back on mars,

I landed in a watery place i think i landed in the Pacific ocean it is warm here and this i what i seen.

i think they are sharks and one almost bit me so i flew away and i found a bigger shark the size of two of our spaceships. The shark is called the Great White shark. A Great White tried to eat me but it seen my ship thinking it was a seal it hit my ship and made it float away into the darkness of the ocean. So i went looking for it i couldn't find it so i went closer to the surface. I just found something with claws and it has six legs. I went on land and found out that the country is called Australia.  The Australian's told me i was weird looking that hurt my feelings so i went back into the water and i found out what the six legged creature is , it is called a crab. I found big fish called whales they are very very huge creatures . There is an old tale of a giant giant shark called the Megalodon shark it used to rome this planet then it supposedly died of one million years ago                                                                                                                         Sincerely, Therron the alien                                                     

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