come visit the Ukraine for more info come and read this page

wanna come to visit to Ukraine check this site to see whats there for you to do

it is located in 49n and 32e also there are more things like the neighboring countries you can go to such as Russia Belarus Poland Romania Hungary Moldova and Slovakia  

of you need to pack some  clothes you would need to know if its hot or cold so the climate is -6 to 30 degrees Celsius also there is a body of water it is called the black sea.  also the type of landform in the Ukraine is mountains

if your are wanting to know the major cities here they are , Kiev , Kharkov, and Odessa. if you are a shy person and want to know the population size it is 45,373,000 people also before you go you should learn some Ukrainian because that is what the language spoken is.

if you get hungry in the Ukraine a drink called uzvar is delicious also there is a delicious meal called paska.

if you wanted to go to a festival there is a festival called chervona and also they have a jazz festival also there are similer things like their tradition like marriage and easter.

if you wanted to know hope they dress in the Ukraine the girls dress in vyshyvanka and also seeds of beads jewelry.

their music is ykpaincbka its a Christian type of music.

hope you come visit the Ukraine book your tickets now.

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