How Can You Color Your World with Kindness?

RUSTY: What does it mean to not pull your own weight?
2: What are some good ways and not so good ways to ask your teacher for help?


1. Impact
2. Kindness
3. Gratitude
4. Compassion

Sequence of Events
What happened first, next, and last to keep the kindness going?

Describe how each kind act impacted the recipient.

Why do you think the video was titled “Color Your World with Kindness”?

Have you ever had someone do a kind act like this for you? How did you feel when someone did something unexpectedly kind for you?

How can you incorporate NED into showing acts of kindness?




NEVER GIVING UP on helping your school to be safe.

ENCOURAGE others  to be an UPSTANDER when they see unkind acts!

DO YOUR BEST: Be kind to all kids, even a bully. Could a simple act of kindness have an impact on how a bully think, speaks, and acts? What if all kids in the school were kind to the bully?

How does it feel when someone is unkind to you? How does it feel when you are unkind to someone?

Kindergarten- 1st grade

Exclaimed: to say in a loud voice

Congratulate: to praise when a good thing happens

Community: your neighborhood. Usually includes homes, schools and businesses

Grated (cheese): to rub against a tool with small sharp edges, cutting the cheese into small pieces

3rd- 5th

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