My Top Besties! 😋

Hey guys, NikkiRose3605 (Tien) here! As you guys know, TACKK only lets us have only our 3 top friends....well I have like a million besties. So, I'm giving a shoutout to all of my besties! To my Besties: You guys are the best friends that I have on TACKK. So Imma give you a shoutout! To my followers: You guys are the best followers on Earth. I'm not giving you all a shoutout since I have more than 100, but......... Here's a special shoutout to ALL OF FOLLOWERS!!!

Here is my shoutout to all of my Besties!


All of you! Please follow my besties!

To my besties: BTW, you guys are like family to me (not @acapreston...... JK Preston. You're still my bestie even though you annoying 😆).

Have some fun with this video!

BTW..... does anyone like my background?